Clusius craft distillers

Clusius Craft distillers is a privately held craft distillery. Named after the world-famous Dutch botanist Carolus Clusius, who led the tulip’s introduction in the Netherlands.

We invented a unique distilling process to produce a premium world-class alcohol from Dutch tulip bulbs. Our distillery is located in the heart of the Dutch tulip fields, where we work with passion, traditional craftsmanship and the latest techniques to make our Dutch Tulip Vodka


At Clusius Craft Distillers we believe that we should not only produce the highest quality Vodka, but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

We achieve the biggest impact by supporting the growth of organic farming in the Dutch tulip sector. As in any agricultural industry, tulip farming creates vast amounts of surpluses if not all the tulip bulbs can be sold at the right price after harvest.

It is all about timing: we don’t produce vodka from waste but prevent waste.

These surpluses turn to waste if they cannot be sold or put to good purpose. With organic farming, this is even a greater risk because the use of pesticides is prohibited and therefore the bulbs can’t be stored for a long time. Also, organic farming increases the risk of oddly shaped flowers, just like in nature. In the floral trade crooked tulips are worthless, but for the production of vodka it does not matter if the bulb produces a curved stem: we only care that no pesticides have been used to produce our tulip bulbs.

Clusius Craft Distillers pays a fair price to the Dutch tulip farmers for their organic bulbs to produce our vodka. This prevents residual waste streams in organic tulip farming and empowers this upcoming sector to grow faster and more steadily.