Dutch Tulip Vodka PURE is the world’s first and only spirit to be made exclusively from Dutch tulip bulbs and natural filtered water from Dutch sand dunes. Each bottle is handmade and contains 350 tulip bulbs. A high-end, luxury vodka of unprecedented purity and beauty.

Price: € 295,- per bottle

Premium blend

Dutch Tulip Vodka PREMIUM BLEND is a unique vodka made from Dutch tulip bulbs, grain and natural filtered water from Dutch sand dunes. Each bottle contains 40 tulip bulbs. A pristine vodka with a combination of deeper tones, perfect for creating cocktails.

Price: € 48,- per bottle

“Pristine and pure with a nice length and a great finish”

Jonnie & Thérèse Boer

De Librije, three-star Michelin Restaurant

From bulb to bottle

In the heart of the Dutch tulip fields, we work in our own distillery with passion, the best Dutch tulip bulbs and the latest techniques to create a pristine, pure and truly unique vodka.



At Clusius Craft Distillers we mostly enjoy our vodka neat. But truth be told… it also tastes great in a cocktail or other combinations.
Have a look to find out…


Vodka Soda Pure

Simple & elegant

Bloody Tulip Premium Blend

Drama & passion

Cosmo Tulip Premium Blend

Sweet delight

Now being served at restaurant Parkheuvel

Dutch Tulip Vodka nosing by masterchef Erik van Loo.
And some great news: Dutch Tulip Vodka is now being served at restaurant Parkheuvel.
We are pretty proud of that!